Are you working for change? Would you like a supportive sounding board, a nimble structure to springboard from, or to support this for others?

We understand that working towards individual projects aiming for social, cutlural, environmental change can be draining. We see the benefit of collaboration, as support and to be greater than the sum of our parts. We aim for our interactions to leave us feeling lighter and more energised.

If you’d like to work with people whose intention is to be the support that allows you to explore, test, make mistakes, be a critical friend – come along to our next meeting (they are every 2 months) and find out more.

We hope you’ll find a dynamic, fun, nurturing space and enabling us all to be doing the sort of work we want to be doing!

  • We have a proven track record in delivering positive outcomes which makes us attractive to grant funders
  • Between us we have a wide set of skills and experience to support new projects.
  • We are also open to approaches from people at the start of their careers who bring enthusiasm and commitment to supporting our core work in return for learning/mentoring from more experienced members of the team.

We do not ask members to sign contracts: the invitation is to join us and possibly work with us, for as long as it feels good; and then if you want to move on elsewhere, you do so with our blessing – there are no intellectual property restrictions, just the expectation that we will all work in good faith and honour our colleagues, our funders and other stakeholders. 

Practical considerations

  • We encourage our membership to develop their own programmes of action in communication with the group, going on to work in a way that is simultaneously highly connected and radically autonomous
  • We place emphasis on trust and co-operation; on individual and mutual growth; meaningfulness and personal purpose 
  • We restrict the use of the roles of ‘Director’ to statutory necessities and rotate these roles as appropriate
  • We understand that part of our role in affecting these changes is to hold unwaveringly, the space open for others to find their potential and make the difference they wish to make. 
  • Energy and passion is needed to help people to understand and believe in Sustainable Development.
  • A small proportion of our core work is shared across the team to be done on a largely voluntary basis
  • All surpluses are retained to support our future work, but we have the structure to support ventures which give opportunities for funded positions.

For more information click on the link below:

New Leaf Membership Information