Ecological Art

It’s only when we understand the meaning of ‘enough’ that we start to accumulate real wealth. As in nature, ‘enough’ gets the job done well; doing or having more than we need wastes time, resources, and ultimately, our lives.
Andy Middleton 2016

New Leaf’s Ecology art partner is Salt road. There is no doubt that the cultural, social and environmental spheres are interconnected but can art and artists really make a difference to the global environmental crisis? Can art practice meaningfully contribute to the development of sustainable lifestyles? New Leaf are commissioning artist to make work in the related scientific fields of Biomimicry and environmental geography in partnership with UCL, the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University.

New Leaf is working on collaborative art commission projects, exhibitions and events with artists and academic researchers to develop creative practice that enables more people to identify with nature and understand the importance of building sustainability into our everyday lives at a personal level.