Our vision for Queenswood and Bodenham Lake is that the sites will increasingly showcase a range of both conservation and sustainability initiatives in practice.

The work of New Leaf on the two sites will be informed by the best in sustainability practice. We aim to develop buildings, energy generation, food outlets, travel links and use of water and waste in such a way that it exemplifies innovation – inspiring visitors to the sites about sustainable lifestyle choices. In particular, we aim to:

  • Develop the site’s buildings as exemplars of energy efficiency & renewable energy generation
  • Develop the unique natural settings of Queenswood and Bodenham Lake as beautiful centres of experiential learning.
  • Promote a localised food economy
  • Create an education & visitors’ centre at Queenswood, which will offer a range of revolving exhibitions and a growing variety of short courses and other educational initiatives
  • Build on the popularity of Queenswood – working in partnership with others to develop Herefordshire as a green tourist destination and one of the sustainable development centres of the UK
  • Create a sense of ownership, mutual responsibility and social cohesion around the sites – and around the sustainability principles that they will increasingly exemplify.

For more information contact Wendy Cotton
Queenswood & Bodenham Lake Sustainable Development Liaison Officer
Working days – Wednesdays and Thursdays
01432 530088 Option 6