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Stop Press! h.Energy updates

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Welcome to h.Energy 2012

As updates for this year's event and any other news about h.Energy becomes available we will add it to this page.

Click here to download a copy of this year's h.Energy brochure.

Or please follow these links to...

If you would like to know a little more about what h.Energy is all about, please click here. And if you come across anything in the brochure or at events that makes you wonder what people are talking about.. try out our Jargon Buster!



For our event organisers...  signs and documents are now available to download at the bottom of this page, so you can print spare sign-in sheets, ladybird stamp pages or road signs should you need to. 

& what has been happening so far... On Saturday 22nd September h.Energy got off to an inspiring start with a Flash Mob in High Town, Hereford. More than 100 singers, many with no previous experince, joined a workshop at the Shire Hall on Saturday morning where Neil Pigott and Jess Ryan-Philips (Voice Squad) taught a simple moving song in 4 part harmony to the group. The result was amazing! beautiful sounds filled the Shire Hall as the group learnt the song, and this was followed by a 'Flash Mob' performance to unexpecting shoppers in High Town. To read Dave's blog about the event click here.

What a great way to herald in h.Energy..

Photos and video clips to follow.


Additional Events

Chris Baddiley's House: Not listed in the brochure, this open eco-home event promises to be of great interest to anyone who would like to find out more about the comparative benefits of solar PV, water source heat pumps, home insulation and eco-renovation. Click here for more details.


13th October: Mortimer Enterprise Centre, HR6 9UX, Wigmore ...  A community habitat restoration day. Come along for a chance to learn how to increase the willow sculpture and firewood resource locally and plant a host of native bulbs to increase biodiversity and bug life! The event is hosted by Teme Valley Youth Project and Community First and is open to the community. Meet up at the Mortimer Enterprise Centre at 11am on Saturday for a fun packed few hours, bring a picnic. Tea and coffee supplied. 


climate change debate poster image19th October: Climate Change Youth Debate

As part of their Afro-vibes week, Concern Universal are holding a youth-led debate with Saci Lloyd, author of The Carbon Diaries

The discussion will be based around ‘This house believes that climate change is the greatest threat facing today’s young people’

6pm on 19th October at The Courtyard Tickets on sale at the Courtyard £2

.. and an excellent adjunct to h.Energy week.


20th October: 'Energise your home', St Peter's Centre, Peterchurch, 12noon - 4pm ... Looking at fuel poverty in the Golden Valley. A panel of representatives from Herefordshire Housing, Herefordshire Council, St James car-sharing scheme, Arkstone Produce and Community First will be on hand to talk about ways in which you can save money on energy in your home and getting about, enjoy local produce, improve the warmth in your home and save money on fuel bills. This promises to be an interesting and enlightening event.

Presentations will be as follows:

Community First - all day

Herefordshire Housing, 12noon - 1pm: an insight into what Herefordshire Housing are doing to enhance their housing stock across the county and locally. A look at renewable energy installations and improved insulation programmes. 

St James car-sharing scheme, 1pm-2pm: an insight into how the community of St James in Hereford have set up a scheme where non car owners have access to a vehicle when they need it.

Herefordshire Council, 2pm - 3pm: Looking at funding opportunities that are available to householders for improved insulation, for example, and ways in which Herefordshire Council are able to help those most affected by the rising cost of fuel. 

Arkstone produce, 3pm - 4pm: an enlightening insight into local food production and the service that Arkstone provides. 


Updates & Corrections


Ty Glyn contact number incorrectly listed in brochure (event 13)

Please call Ainsleigh on 01497 820 332 if you would like to arrange a tour of an energy efficient home and small-scale micro-hydro scheme. 

The Future of Fashion Night goes alcohol free!

The team organising the Future of Fashion night is increasingly dominated by an amazingly enthusiastic team of young people from Hereford 6th Form... so after much debate and some careful negotiation, we have decided to make the Future of Fashion Night an alcohol free event. It will still take place at the Jailhouse, but all ages will be able to come along and enjoy the evening...

For more information click here.


The mysterious 'Event 18' .. and what happened to the Launch of the Carbon Reduction Strategy?!

The launch of an ambitious CO2 reduction strategy for the county was going to have taken place in the Bishop's Palace, Hereford on Saturday 13th October (Event 18), but had to be cancelled for a number of reasons - none of them relating to the Carbon Reduction Strategy, and mostly relating to individuals' availablity on that day. The strategy itself, a first for Herefordshire, has been firmly adopted by the county, and is currently being developed into an action plan document. This will be launched soon.. and we will keep you informed of when. If you would like to keep in touch with New Leaf news of this type you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


ladybird logoLadybird Safari

If you have been on the Ladybird Safari and would like to pick up your mystery gift on Saturday 21st October, please come along to the morning session at Hereford Library (event 86) and not the afternoon session as advertised in the h.Energy brochure.


Please note that the 'Stop press' event listed in the brochure at Almeley for Friday, 19th October will in fact take place on Saturday, 20th October. Correct details available here


More information about Event 49 - Business access to finance - available here.

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