Wasting Away

Reducing waste is great for the environment and will save you money too!

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During h.Energy 2013, we tried out Repair Cafes around the county in 5 different locations. The idea was very popular: Repair Cafés are free meeting places and they’re all about repairing things (together). At Repair Cafes you'll find the people, tools and materials you need to to help you make repairs on a variety of household goods and clothes. As well as a friendly atmosphere, and tea & cake! The Repair Café idea was initiated in the Netherlands in 2009, and since then has been taken up around the world. If you would like to find out more about Repair Cafes in Herefordshire, click here. And for more information about the global Repair Cafe movement, click here

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The links below are to help you find local & national information about waste:


  • Details for all things to do with waste in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, including composting tips, special offers, recycling site locations, reuse organisations etc.: Let's Waste Less
  • Freecycle - an online grassroots non-profit community of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free: Freecycle 
  • Furniture re-ue: there is a number of organisations that will collect your unwanted furniture from you, including Full House in Hereford and St Michael's Hospice in Hereford and Leominster 
  • The Herefordshire Community Carbon Charter includes information & ideas about waste and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
  • Get Composting provide an exclusive offer of home compost bins and other great green products to residents of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 
  • Click here for information on Herefordshire household waste collections, recycling sites, garden waste, etc
  • Master Composters in the county are keen to help you with your composting, and especially keen to support community composting plans. Click here to ask for more information, or to request advice and information about food waste.
  • Have a look at The Compost Bin - an amusing an informative blog wirtten in Herefordshire by Compost Woman. 


  • Hints and tips to help you reduce food waste and save money: http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com
  • Information on what and how items are recycled, hints and tips for reuse and much more: www.recyclenow.com
  • How to recycle light bulbs! and lots of other useful information about energy efficient lighting
  • Love Your Clothes is a website full of ideas about how to recycle / care for and get as much value from your clothes as possible.
  • Community Composting network with details of free training courses for those interested in setting up local groups. Includes back issues of national magazine"Growing Heap".
  • Permaculture approaches see waste as opportunity - a 'yeild' from the system that produced it. Permaculturists also look for wasy to re-use products and have innovative and inspirational approaches to what we might regard as waste. Look at the Permaculture Magazine for more information, or click here for the Mid Wales Permaculture Network.