Renewable Energy

There are many different ways of generating energy from renewable sources, including wind, water, sunlight and waste.

Although we commonly think of people having renewable energy measures installed in their homes, or of large scale installations like wind farms providing energy to the national grid, there are also many ways that local communities can generate their own energy. 

Sharenergy is a Marches based not-for-profit organisation which helps communities find, build and own their renewable energy generation. It helps renewable co-operatives get up and running and provides a wide range of services to this end. Sharenergy would love to hear from you if you have a project in mind!



General Advice

Installation of renewable energy equipment in the home can attract public funding, earn ongoing revenue and add to the value of a property.

Although planning permission may be required our local authorities have a duty to “promote and encourage the development of renewable energy resources”.  

  • For general information about funds for renewable energy, look at this page about grants from the Renewable Energy Centre 
  • For up to date information about the government's Renewable Heat Incentive, click here for the Centre for Alternative Technology
  • If you’re considering a biomass project, try this tool from the Carbon Trust to help you to correctly identify the type and size of system that would best meet your requirements.

Solar Panel


The most popular forms of renewable energy generation are listed below. For more information about these different measures, follow the links. 

Solar PV - click here or here
Solar thermal hot water - click here or here
Ground Source and Air Source Heat pumps - click here or here
Hydro-power electricity generation - click here or here or here
Biomass and biofuel - click here or here
Wind power - click here or here
Anaerobic Digestion - click here for Herefordshire Council's advice

The links will take you to information from LightfootThe Renewable Energy Centre and the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Alternatively click here for the Bulmer Foundation's Renewable Energy Directory.