The Re-Energising Herefordshire Charter

Will you join us?

In order for Herefordshire to contribute to global carbon reduction efforts and to meet our own targets, we will need the involvement of individuals, communities and organisations across the County.

Everyone can help, in big ways and small …by insulating our buildings, installing renewable energy, walking and cycling, developing community renewable energy projects, buying local, installing LED lighting, buying and using more efficient cars and boilers – and, perhaps most importantly, by changing our everyday habits.

If you agree that we should all work together to reduce our carbon emissions in a way which helps to:

  • Reduce our energy bills
  • Stimulate our local economy; create more high quality jobs
  • Enhance wellbeing
  • Bring our communities together and strengthen them
  • Combat fuel poverty and its consequences
  • Improve our food and energy security

…then please sign the charter when you join our website!

Thank you for your support.

Re-Energizing Herefordshire launch at h.Energy 2013, with Jane Davidson and Oliver Balch

Oliver Balch and Jane Davidson at the launch of the Re-Energizing Herefordshire Charter, during h.Energy 2013.

Click on the attachment below to see the original signatories of the Charter from around Herefordshire.

To read the full Re-Energize Herefordshire Charter, click on the Registration page link: the Charter is displayed down the right-hand side of the page. 

The Re-Energize Herefordshire Charter is accompanied by an action plan for the county, which is reviewed and updated annually by New Leaf and Herefordshire Council.

If you have registered as a user of our website you can upload your own photos about Re-Energizing Herefordshire. We are looking for images that will inspire others, and inform people about the work you are doing, either individually or as part of a local organisation or business.