What is h.Energy?

h.Energy is an annual free sustainability festival in Herefordshire. This year we are asking people to donate if they can to help Syrian Refugee families moving to Herefordshire. Join us to celebrate opportunities to live together more sustainably. Come and experience art about sustainability and global ecology. The festival creates a space where anyone can share their ideas about how we can create the future we hope to live in. 

You are invited to celebrate human energy at the Courtyard on 7th October and Queenswood County Park, New Leaf's h.Energy Hub on the 8th and 9th October. Food, Drink, Events, talks, art, films, demonstrations, dance and music. Inspired by nature, biodiversity and People.

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But what is this all about.... ?

Carbon emissions (or more accurately greenhouse gas emissions) are a cause of climate change. They are released when fuels are burned in vehicles, homes, power stations and factories.

Reducing our carbon emissions is essential if we are to reduce the effects of climate change around the world.

On the bright side, reducing our carbon emissions also brings rewards in the short term. By insulating our homes, getting on a bike, and eating food that we have grown locally we will be saving money and giving ourselves a better level of health and fitness.

By adopting sustainable low energy lifestyles we will also benefit the local economy, and therefore the people who live and work in Herefordshire.

And there is a lot already happening... h.Energy provides an opportunity for those of you who are leading the way to share what you have learnt with others around the county; and for those of us wondering where to begin, it offers a range of ideas, activities and workshops.

The ultimate objective of h.Energy is to demonstrate that using renewable local resources, avoiding waste and reducing energy usage is just common sense. We also hope that the week will bring people together - to have fun and share resources, as well as information and ideas - maybe over a slice of cake and a cup of tea at an h.Energy event ..

"h.Energy is a popular and well known event that people look out for, to research any project they're undertaking. So it is an ongoing service to the public that is needed." Event attendee 2014

"h.Energy allows people to explore without judgment, and have an insight into lifestyle changes that would have a positive impact on their lives." Event attendee 2013

“There are so many different events all over the county and it is very inspiring to see how much is already happening in Herefordshire.” Event attendee 2010

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