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There is growing scientific evidence showing that people who commute by bicycle live longer healthier lives than people who commute by car.  Changing to a more active way of travelling (walking, sharing a journey, cycling or taking a bus) is the easiest way to bring exercise into our daily routines, as well as reduce our carbon footprint.  A reduction in the number of drivers on the road would have the additional benefit of reducing air pollution (which in turn reduces NHS costs), improving quality of life in our towns through reduced congestion, and increasing tourism potential.

Bike Repair


The Hay Ho number 39A Bus 

This success story of a rural bus service that was threatened with closure and rescued by the local community still needs your support. Click here to read the back story. Click here for their Facebook page for current events and activities. Many organisations and groups, including far-sighted parish councils, have contributed to the cost of the service, and individuals have donated from £5 to £500. Further support will be needed to guarantee the long-term survival of Hay Ho!, and the best way people can help is by using the bus as much as possible, and by encouraging others to do so.

If enough people use the bus there will be no need for any financial support, but until that happens contributions will be gratefully received by Rail for Herefordshire, 100A Green Street, Hereford HR1 2QW. Cheques should be made payable to Hay Tourism Group. Please email for further information.

hay ho bus leaflet

And to find out more about other opportunities to change the way you travel please browse through the links below....


  • Choose how you move - details on Herefordshire Twoshare, Park & Ride, Park & Cycle and personal travel planning
  • Information on school travel plans and school travel funds can be found here.
  • Advice and support to community and public transport providers and users: Community transport
  • Cycle Hereford organise cycle rides and events and work for improvements to conditions for cyclists in and around Hereford
  • Rail for Herefordshire Rail for Herefordshire - an active rail pressure group seeking to influence the rail industry and local government to improve rail services in Herefordshire. 
  • Colwall Car Club - Colwall based community-run car club
  • St James and Bartonsham Car Club - Hereford City based community-run car club for greener, cheaper travel
  • Bus, rail services for the West Midlands
  • Bike hire from Bishops Meadow: Hereford cycle hire
  • Details of Herefordshire Leisure Centres: Halo Leisure
  • Community Wheels transport is provided by volunteer drivers using their own vehicles to those who are unable to use or access public transport, don’t own a vehicle and/or live in isolated areas. 
  • There are now Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP's) in car parks across the country. Funded through the Plugged in Midlands regional scheme and ‘Choose How You Move’ these charging points are now part of the national charging network.


  • Sustrans are the leading charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day.
  • Carplus is the UK’s pioneering transport NGO supporting the development of affordable, accessible and low-carbon shared mobility.
  • The Environmental Transport Association is a carbon-neutral provider of vehicle breakdown, bicycle and travel insurance for the environmentally concerned consumer.
  • This is an excellent little calculator that allows you to measure the impact of your journey to europe - and compare the carbon and pollution caused by car, train and air travel: