Eating Well

Our health and wellbeing are influenced by a number of factors, but studies have shown that eating healthily, getting enough exercise, reducing stress and feeling part of a community or supporting social group can be major keys to maintaining our wellbeing.

Eating plenty of fresh local produce can be a good start to revitalising our health, and growing our own food (if space allows) is an ideal way to access some gentle exercise and fresh air. Taking on an allotment in your local neighbourhood is also an easy way to meet other local residents and the community in general.

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The following links are designed to help you access local and national information relating to healthy / local food resources:


  • Information about how and where to buy some of the very best produce this lovely county can offer: Herefordshire Farmers' Markets
  • Herefordshire Foodlinks has an excellent online directory showcasing a wide range of local Herefordshire produce and retailers:
  • A local organisation helping schools to etablish their own growing, and delivering a vegetable box scheme of locally grown vegetables to schools within Hereford City and the surrounding Areas:  Growing Local is Going Local.
  • The Sir Grow-A-Lot project is located at Model Farm, Hildersley, within easy walking distance of Ross-on-Wye. The aim of the project is to give the people of Ross the opportunity to grow food and share the harvest.  
  • The Ledbury Food Group supports local food in and around Ledbury
  • Colwall Orchard Group brings together people from across the village and beyond to promote, celebrate and restore traditional orchards.
  • For grow-your-own hints, and tips on saving & swapping seedscheck details of the next Herefordshire Seed Swap: Seed Swaps
  • Allotments within Herefordshire come under the responsibility of parish and town councils. Please contact your Parish Council for more information.
  • Hereford City Allotment and Garden Leisure Society can be contacted by clicking here.

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  • Support, guidance and advice for everyone with an interest in allotment gardening. Includes contact details of your local West Midlands representative who can assist with access to regional grants:  National Allotment Association
  • Guides for growing vegetables are available here.
  • For advice on how to find or set up a local Food Co-op with neighbours and friends, please click here: Food Co-ops
  • Meal planners, vegetable growing tips and recipes and healthy eating self-assessment are all available at: NHS Live Well  
  • The Children's Food Trust is a national charity protecting every child's right to eat better and, so, do better. Their vision is that all children should have the balanced diet, cooking skills and food education they need for good health and to reach their potential.
  • This blog from A Girl Called Jack offers all sorts of excellent advice on eating well for less. Jack Monroe is a single mum, and a campaigner for Oxfam and Child Poverty Action Group.
  • Launched to accompany the forthcoming publication of the Ecologist Guide to Food, Forked! is a new blog investigating the food villains, championing the food heroes, and encouraging fresh, tasty, thinking about all things ethical and culinary.

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