Treeline, art & biomimicry

Treeline invites digital and lens based artists to engage with the new science of biomimicry: Innovation inspired by nature, that the best ideas of adaptability might already have been invented by the 100 million species that evolved before us over billions of years of life on earth. That there is a set of operating instructions in nature about the ecological problems we are faced with today, which artists working with other professionals can help to unlock. Commissioned artists will create digital and lens’-based biomimicry artworks by engaging with the micro-macro, to experience a deeper connection to nature. Biomimicry is a new scientific term for a tried and trusted way of working with nature,  artists canhumanise Global environmental change by engaging with and inform biomimicry in partnership with communities and professionals engineers, architects chemists, material scientists, environmental scientists and product designers.

Although part of nature we believe that being civilised means being separate and protected from it. Are the effects of global warming closing the cultural gap between you and the physical world of nature? If art can help us to humanise the world we live in, can it help us to deal with global environmental change to be better humans?

Treeline is a Herefordshire New Leaf artist project funded by Arts Council England.

Touch screen app prototype created by New Leaf with the University of Birmingham’s digital humanities hub            

Demonstration of the touchscreen prototype app created by New Leaf and Salt road with the University of Birmingham's Digital Humanities Hub

Artists will engage with woodland as a living natural archive and our partners archives using archived and contemporary maps of trees, herbariums and Victorian botanical collections.  We will link Treeline’s outputs with the Woodland Trusts Charter for Trees, Woods and People leading to the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest in November 2017. Together with the Charter for Trees, Woods and People we aim to redefine the relationship between trees and people in the UK for the future.

We have applied to Arts Council England (pending outcome) for funding to commission contemporary artists to create work by engaging with the micro-macro, to experience a deeper connection to nature. Artists will engage with each other, with woodland, botanical archives and with communities in 36 woodland woodland laboratory workshops with over 300 participants. Treeline will be an exhibition of the artist’s and communities work in Queenswood and in our partner’s woodlands and venues in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Birmingham.


Queenswood and Bodenham lake County Park, now jointly managed by New Leaf and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust